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Looking for the light!

One of the great things in photography is searching for the light in the dark. Your eye in the viewfinder, scoping the landscape for that perfect shot. That is one of the best moments for a photographer. Ever since 1826, a view from a window at LeGras in France. When they say that the first-ever photo was taken. Thousands of photographers have been looking for that perfect light on their subjects.

This photo is taken just outside Landmannalaugar a few years ago when I was a part of a wonderful photography tour of my home country Iceland. Where the landscape is full of texture, colors, and shapes. If you are lucky to have the sunlight break through the clouds a magical moment is captured in time as pixels to tell a story or let the viewers' imagination fly to new heights.

Next time, if you are out there with your camera looking through your lens, try to tone your f-stop down, for just that light and see what will happen.

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