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The Owl

Sometimes you get a reminder to slow down and enjoy each moment all around you, life, creatures, nature, and creation. A world that most of us miss because we are not slowing down to enjoy it. Always on the run from A to B.

This last weekend I was at Rosario. After a beautiful weekend with friends and family, it was time to go home. I got into the car and started my journey back. Driving up the main road, something strange was in the middle of it. I slowed down the car, and when I got closer, that round thing jumped up and flew up into the next tree. Looking out my window, I saw these big black eyes staring back at me. It was a beautiful barred owl. I grabbed my camera, switched the lens to 200mm, and through my lens, stared back at this wonderful creature. It was simply amazing to see how the owl would turn its head and look all around as the body was perfectly still—an incredible moment in time, reminding me of the creation and the nature around me.

This was a simple reminder of life, to take more time and look around and enjoy, slow down and find something new in your surrounding to uplift your soul and spirit, to be thankful, and promise of better times ahead.

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